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We are currently offering professional services in Event Planning, Business Development, Sports Leagues, Artist Consultation, Models Consultation, Media and Print Advertisements and much more. 


All Males Review Competition
All White Annual Christmas Party
Annual Bikefest
Annual Memorial Fashion Show
Annual Artist and Models Casting Call
Annual Models Seminar

Annual Teen Modeling Competition
Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser
Business, Dinner & Fashion Expo
Business and Entertainment Yacht Party
Coconut Grove Art Festival
Fashion at its Best/HIV Awareness Event
First Impression Models workshop 3-days
Florida's Model of the Year Competition
Fountain City Classic
Georgia's Model of the Year Competition
Magic City Classic
NASFT Fancy Food Summer
National Model of the Year
SJTA Atlanta Jewelry Show
Stillman Homecoming
Unsigned Artist Talent Showcase
West End reunion

For more information on these services call. 888-846-9753

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