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Starks Productions and Management, LLC. provides promotional and media advertisements in both Radio and Television. Our radio show has been established to provide listeners with a wide range of information from the entertainment industry to community topics. During our Saturday monring show, we are promoting and advertising businesses, artist, music producers and much more. Additionally, we are able to provide promotions with television commercials and/or sponsorship on our television broadcast station. We have coordinated events such as Fashion Shows, Unsigned Artist Showcases, Modeling Competitions to name a few. 


As you are aware a media mix that includes radio can be more powerful than television only or newspaper only campaigns. Radio reaches more than 92% of all consumers. Radio is the medium of choice to reach all cultures within the Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The radio show signal reaches as far North as Upper Palm Beach County and South to Florida Keys and even the Bahamas. WAVS Radio operates in South Florida at an assigned frequency of 1170 KHZ, with 5,000 Watts non-directional daytime power as authorized by the FCC. Additionally, we are registered through ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.


WAVS Radio is recognized by the Caribbean community as contributing to the vital interests of the community by its presentation of music, news, sports, and commentary. Radio reaches more than 234 million persons 12 or older over the course of a typical week. Radio n reaches listeners everywhere, car (46.7 %), home (34.9%) work/other places (18.4%). Radio strength is the local spot, where it earns 77% of its revenue.


There are different types of promotion which consist of advertising, promos, remote broadcasts, shows at various venues and website coverage. This radio station receives hundreds of thousands of hits monthly and has tens of thousands of on-line listeners every month! Additionally there is a wide range of experience from personnel from the  West Indian who know the importance of news and information to the Caribbean audience, and who offer a variety of musical programs featuring Reggae, Ska, Soca, Calypso, and Urban Contemporary favorites.  In additions to radio we also do email blast, voice shot and text blast. Below we have provided you with a breakdown of our services.


We are offering promotion and advertisement specials to help you promote your business or product. For more information, please call 888-846-9753 Ext. 7.


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