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Starks Productions and Management, LLC. is currently seeking hard working individuals that are looking to grow with our company. We are looking for people that have good ethics, morals, dedicated and determined to succeed in there selected profession.

Below are a list of job opportunities that we have made available. Experience is okay, but not necessary. There is also a breakdown of the requirements. 

Event Security

This position is a part time position for individuals that have good interpersonal skills, get along well with others, is a team player and has good leadership skills.

Event Coordinator

An event coordinator duties would consist of setting up events, booking meeting facilities, coordinate tournaments, book hotel accommodations,
ordering promotional materials, ensuring transport of booths for trade-shows and setting up other types of events.

You must be extremely reliable and able to work through problems to ensure events come off as planned. You are the brains behind the scenes and some times the only way you get noticed is when things screw-up.

A lot of times the skills are learned as you go. A lot of common sense and problem solving under pressure. A background in the hospitality industry might help but it depends on exactly what the duties you will be performing. Sometimes event coordinators are internally focused other times externally.

Street Team-

A group of people who 'hit the streets' promoting an event or a product. 'Street Teams' are promotional tools that have been adopted industry wide as a standard line item in marketing budgets by entertainment companies, record labels, the tech industry, corporate brand marketers, new media companies and direct marketers worldwide.


Someone that has a great personality, gets along well with others, but most importantly have a pleasant voice. More information on this position will be provide during interview process.

Athletic Trainers

We are seeking an athletic trainer that is certified health care professional. You must have knowledge and skills in the field of sports medicine and as a personal trainer. You also have to be recognized by the American Medical Association. Your role would consist of  providing those individuals to maintain a good health life, eat properly and conduct physical fitness training classes. Some of these classes would require travel to other parts of the nation. (Interviews required)

Basketball and Volleyball Coaches

Individuals that is willing and able to travel with the teams. Someone that has a clean background, work well with kids and pass of the background checks in this area. Anyone submitting for this position will have to attend an interview process. (Hand pick by owner)

Computer Analysis

We are seeking someone that can check all emails and send out emails blast as needed. We are also looking for someone that can work closely with the Advertisement and Marketing Coordinator and street team.

Advertisement and Marketing Coordinator

Advertisement & Marketing Coordinator promotes the businesses name, product and services. Your role would consist of writing promotional literature, market research, dealing with press interest, along with planning future marketing strategies for new product launches or special events. You will be working closing with the Street team who will handle the street promotion of the product or services that is being marketed.

We are seeking someone with well established people skills and is comfortable working at a fast-paced. A good standard of literacy and numeracy is essential, as marketing involves a lot of written communication. Personality is important when working as a Advertisement and Marketing Coordinator. It is often your single most important resource. Networking is key and building up strong working relationships is of high importance.  


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